This is how the famous Cubans look after Using FaceApp’s viral filter “Old”


It has unleashed!! A new madness in social media that has conquered many Internet users. After the baby filter of Snapchat now it’s the turn of a new application that makes you travel to the future and see the change that over the years can happen to the face.

This is Face App, which has become very popular because of its power to age our current features and give us an idea of ​​what our physical appearance would look like in 20 years from now.

Almost all of these types of viral content became very famous, both international and in Cuba also. A lot of normal and famous users have fallen under this application’s spell and have decided to share their photo, after trying it’s viral filter “Old”.

Among them we find singers Jacob Forever, Randy Malcom, Divan and Alexander Delgado. As well the YouTuber Sandra Cires or model Mily Alemán, who have not hesitated to share photos of their future self with all their Instagram followers.

Do you want to see them? Down you can see some of these photos.

Jacob Forever


Randy Malcom

Andy Vázquez (Facundo Correcto)


Michael Sierra Hernández “El Micha”

Sandra Cires

José Manuel Carvajal “El Taiger”

Original Source: CiberCuba