The video “Nos Fuimos Lejos” by Descemer Bueno, Enrique Iglesias and El Micha is here


We can finally enjoy and dance to the video “Nos Fuimos Lejos“, the most recent video by Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias and the Cuban artists Descemer Bueno and El Micha.

Under the direction of Cuban director Pedro Vázquez, the video was shot in several venues in Las Vegas. In the different shots of the clip, the most commercial and urban area of ​​the city is reflected, as well as outdoor sequences in which the most deserted part of “The City of Sin” can be seen.

In addition to the participation of the three artists in the music video, the Cuban choreographer Janelys Martínez, current girlfriend of the singer Descemer Bueno, also takes center stage as a dancer and main model of the story.

On this occasion, Descemer and Enrique focused on creating a song with a romantic touch, but without leaving behind the catchy rhythm of reggaeton. To give this it a street feel, the Cuban artist El Micha joined the party, who with his particular timbre of voice and his personal style gave it a more urban and Cuban touch.

Original Source: CiberCuba