The HOT Video of J Balvin with Two fans on Stage!


The musicians usually share their stage with the fans, and they often end up becoming a big attraction of the show. J Balvin did just that during his Vibras tour.

The Colombian artist played Ponle, one of his latest and hottest singles, along with two of his followers and biggest fans. The two young women were dancing when the artist sat down to continue singing and the girls took the opportunity to lay on him and dance in a very sensual way. Look!

The moment has been shared by the singer of the single Mocca, who wrote next to the clip:  “Acho puñeta, esto se salió de control. ¡Ayuda! Las amo” (EN: Acho puñeta, this got out of control. Help! I love you.”).  The video has once again demonstrated the love and complicity that Medellin feels for his followers and his great sense of humor, something that his followers on social media have highlighted in the comments of his posts and publications.

Son las mejores fans, amor del bueno” (EN: They are the best fans, much love), “Eres muy original” (EN: You are very original) or  “Esto me hizo la mañana” (EN: This made my morning), these are some of the messages that have been dedicated to the reggaetonero  with the clip that exceeds two and a half million plays on social media.

Original Source: CiberCuba