Spectacular Party! Cubans Having a Great Time at Gente de Zona’s concert in Havana


If the music of one of the biggest Cuban bands in Cuba and in the world Gente de Zone is playing, than you know that party and the enjoyment are guaranteed.

If you think that it is not true, well ask this group of young Cubans who attended Gente de Zona’s concert in Havana and  had the best time ever!! (You can see that in the video bellow), enjoying  and dancing all night to the famous band’s HITS!!

The boys are doing dance turns and showing their waist (La Sintura) coordinated movements,  dancing to the rhythm of a great worldwide hit “Pinocchio” by the duo of Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcom (Gente de Zona).

The main question here is … Who can resist this great, tasty and sexy rhythm?

Original Source: CiberCuba