Reconciliation in sight? Karol G and Anuel AA, together at a romantic dinner with the trapero’s son in Miami


As the saying says “where there was fire, ashes remain” … Karol G and Anuel AA unleashed strong rumors of reconciliation after they were seen together at a romantic dinner in which the Puerto Rican’s son, Pablo Anuel, was also present. he turned eight just a few days ago.

The singers were hunted by the cameras of the paparazzi of the Suelta la Sopa program, who caught them entering a restaurant in Miami (Florida), where the Puerto Rican’s son was also dining with them.

Later, Karol G and Anuel AA went to another area of the city in her Ferrari, where they were also seen in a friendly attitude in public with more people while she tried to cover her head with a jacket.

We do not know if these images are proof of a possible reconciliation or simply reflect the great friendship that exists between the two exes after announcing their breakup. For now, neither of them has spoken, but everything points to something else happening between them …

Carolina Giraldo and Emmanuel Gazmey – real names of the young artists – announced the end of their courtship last April. After three years together and a wedding in progress, the singers took different paths, but despite everything it seems that they are not very far from each other. This is reflected in these new images of them sharing an evening together, which would not be the first they have enjoyed in recent weeks …


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The Colombian singer and the Puerto Rican ragman met in 2018, shortly after Anuel AA was released from prison, during the filming of his video clip Culpables. Thus began a love story in which its protagonists also shared many work moments since they made several more musical collaborations.

At the end of 2020, strong rumors of a crisis broke out that Bichota denied with a photo kissing her boy. However, a few months later they rang loudly again until finally both communicated that they were no longer together.

As a result of these new information and images that have come to light, lovers of the urban genre and their faithful followers hope that they will be together again … Will there be reconciliation?

Original Source: CiberCuba