Havana D’Primera dethroned the global hit Súbeme La Radio with Que sorpresa

The Cuban orchestra Havana D’Primera dethroned the popular world wide hit Súbeme la Radio by Enrique Iglesias and Descemer Bueno,  from the first place of the best Cuban musical preferences chart, with their hit Que sorpresa .

Lucas show where everyone can see the Cuban video clips because the show has it’s own selection. For the month of May, Havana D’Primera’s video of the song Que sorpresa  took the first place, while Súbeme la Radio the song that was number one for sometime now, several weeks to be exact, fell down to second place.

Que sorpresa is a version of a well-known Los Van Van hit song that got a new remake. This new vibe is the making of the famous Cuban artist and trumpeter Alexander Abreu and has become very popular among the media and the dancers.

Watch the official video of the song of the month Que sorpresa down, but lets not forget the second place 😀 enjoy!!


Original Source: CiberCuba