Nicky Jam or J Balvin? Who is a Better Dancer in There New Video “X (EQUIS)”?


The singers Nicky Jam and J Balvin have released a new  song with a fresh rhythm, on Friday with its called  “X (EQUIS)“, which within a few hours of the release approached 7 million views on YouTube.

After fulfilling all  the expectation of their followers, before the launch and shortly after the world premiere of the song, the two reggaetonists have lunched two separate dances on their social media networks, where they teach their followers the main steps and encourage them to say who does it best .

First it was the Puerto Rican, who after saying “I’m going to give you the three steps of the song X featuring  my little brother J Balvin” dance to the rhythm of the sticky melody.

Very soon after, it was the Colombian who showed his skills and comfort dancing the already undeniable success.

Well, my people, now I’m going to show you how the X song dance really looks like because Nicky Jam … I do not know how to look at him“, he confirmed  the good vibes that exist between them.

Perhaps their followers  find it difficult to decide who performs the steps best, but the sure thing is that the singers, in addition to the same profession and musical genre, are united by a great friendship.

There is no doubt also that the new collaboration are pushing the urban genre to new heights. More than 6.8 million reproductions, becoming No. 1 and trendy on YouTube.

Is this ‘friendly duel’ the start of a new dance challenge? Will X (EQUIS) dethrone Dura and the #Dura Challenge?

Original Source: CiberCuba