New Hot Single “To ‘Gucci to’ Durako” by Yomil and El Dany


The wait is over, the fans of the Cuban reggaeton band Yomil and El Dany can already enjoy what is, without a doubt, their most fashionable single: To ‘Gucci to’ Durako.

The urban singers have premiered the single through a video uploaded to their YouTube channel, with an image in cartoon version of the faces of both with caps with the logo of the Italian luxury fashion house.

When the traptone duo released a preview of how To ‘Gucci to’ Durako sounded, it caused a stir in social media and, above all, the reaction of the Cuban reggaeton artiste Chocolate MC.

According to “The King of the Reparteros”, the expression “We make you poh, poh, poh (ESP: Te hacemos poh, poh, poh)” that can be heard in the song is his own, because he had already used it on numerous occasions in some of his songs.

In this sense the “Rastamemba” accused the duo of ” copiadores ” in a video published on their Facebook profile: ” Están copianda mi brother. Estos lokillos se fueron lomita abajito. Un policía to’ revolucionario to’ impresora que hace poh “

Chocolate did not hesitate to show his own evidence when making a comparison of his songs with the one by Yomil and El Dany. In addition, he also had no qualms about contrasting the visualizations of his videos with those of the duo, ensuring that “the numbers speak for themselves” and that he is the true original representative of the Cuban distribution movement.

Original Source: CiberCuba