Manolín to Alexander Abreu: “Never leave Cuba”!


The Cuban singer Manuel González Hernández, popularly known as Manolín El Médico de la Salsa, has sent a message to the Cuban musician and singer Alexander Abreu.

He has done it through his Facebook profile, on the occasion of the live concert that the trumpeter performed from the island with his orchestra Havana D ‘Primera. Manolín shared the publication of the live broadcast and added the following words:

“Alex Abreu, never leave Cuba, that music that you make is more important than everything and outside of Cuba you will not be able to make such good music, stay in your country with yours, with your family, with your people and with your music. Do not be intimidated or confused by any madman, whoever leaves, since leaving is his right and his choice. You stay in your country with your music and with your people, the rest is not your problem “, commented.

Havana d’ Primera #RAZA en Vivo (2020)No se pierdan el concierto completo en la página de Havana D' Primera #djmelao

Gepostet von D.J. Melao am Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2020

The words of Manolín El Médico de la Salsa to Alexander Abreu may come as a result of the statements made last May by the interpreter of A Crazy Adventure in which he said that both in Cuba and Miami “they have insisted on disappearing what best of the Cuban music of the last times “.

To support his claim, Manolín uploaded to his Facebook wall the video of an old concert of his that took place in the Almendares Park in Havana and where he appeared singing La Bola, one of his greatest hits of the 90s.

El Médico de la Salsa also spoke of the censorship that he had had to submit to both on the island and La Ciudad del Sol and argued that it was impossible for an artist to survive in such conditions.

“This video is in Havana, after 20 years of censorship of my music on radio and television. In Miami also 20 years of censorship, there is no other artist who survives in those circumstances,” he said.

Original Source: CiberCuba