Leoni Torres launches the “Me Quedo Contigo” Challenge


The Cuban super star has launched a new challenge on his social media: the Me Quedo Contigo Challenge, his latest single.

Leoni has asked all his fans to share on Instagram their video with their performances, always using the hashtag #mequedocontigochallenge.

“¿Quién se atreve? Menciona en los comentarios a otros amigos bailadores, este reto vale para todos (“Who dares? Mention in the comments to other dancing friends, this challenge is valid for all, “) wrote the artist.

He himself has suggested how the performance on the song should be , in a short choreography that he performs together with two dancers, that he also published on Instagram. The post already has more than 15,900 plays in just one day.

“Atentos todos los amantes del baile, los invito a participar en el #MeQuedoContigoChallenge. Sigue los pasos de mi nuevo video musical y usa el hashtag anterior. Estaré reposteando acá en mi perfil los más atrevidos y creativos”. (“Attention all dance lovers, I invite you to participate in the #MeQuedoContigoChallenge. Follow the steps of my new music video and use the previous hashtag. I will be re-posting here on my profile the most daring and creative “.)

Me quedo contigo is the singer-songwriter’s last single, and it was released a month ago. It is a song, according to him, designed for the dancer, with the sonority of the Cuban son.

Just two weeks later, he presented the video clip, which was directed by Yeandro Tamyo and takes place at a party on a Havana terrace.

Original Source: CiberCuba