Karol G talks openly about sexuality as a result of her fiery video “Bichota”


Bichota, the new single and video that the Colombian singer Karol G launched last Friday, October 23, has not left anyone indifferent.

This is demonstrated by the more than six million views that the video accumulated in less than 24 hours after it is published on YouTube and the top hits of the week at the international level that it already dominates.

And it is that in addition to its catchy melody and its lyrics in which the famous reggaeton seeks female empowerment from the most urban setting, the clip of Bichota has seduced each of the viewers by the eroticism and sensuality that the interpreter gives off in your scenes.

Taking advantage of the pull of his new job, Karol G wanted to project herself on social networks about it and has spoken openly about sexuality and how she perceives and expresses it through her music videos, and in this case, in Bichota.

“Sexuality is something natural for women, for human beings … It is something that comes from within, Personal and intimate. Malice is what makes clean things dirty. When I feel beautiful, sexy, powerful, I look for a way to express it and I feel free to do so. I am not ashamed, I AM EMPOWERED! ”

So said the Colombian along with several images that are part of the video of the song and in which she appears wearing one of the most explosive styles of the clip, specifically, the one composed of a transparent tunic that left a lot to the imagination of the public. can it be sexier?

If yesterday she hinted that we were facing one of the most important urban releases of the month, the figures accumulated by Bichota make it clear that Karol G has done it again and will take her new single to the top of the Latin music empire as she did with her two hits this year: Tusa, in collaboration with Trinidadian rapper Nicki Minaj, and ¡Ay, DiOs Mío! In solitary.

Original Source: CiberCuba