Karol G Splurges Sensuality in the Explosive video “Punto G”


Karol G has just released the Punto G (EN: G Spot) video, with which she has made it clear that the wait was worth it. For weeks, she has been sharing on her social media teasers of this new single, the first of Ocean, her second album.

With the bold lyrics and the explosive video, she has once again demonstrated that the urban genre is also made for women and that they can talk freely about sexuality as she does in this piece in which she lavishes sensuality from all pores.


The catchy single and its video are giving a lot to talk about and it’s no wonder. In just 7 hours it had on YouTube, over 700 thousand views.

In it, the Colombian asks a man not only to find her G-spot, but also to choose between Shakira, JLo and herself.

Nor are the winks to this boy Anuel AA in this video directed by José Emilio Sagaró. In the images, she wears his chain of “150 carats” and the gift he gave her for her birthday: a luxurious orange car that boasts a body of the same color.


The ‘bebesita’ will release the album Ocean next May and a part of its benefits will be donated to clean the ocean.

“It represents a milestone of growth for me, personally and professionally, I worked with different producers of all genres, trying to unite different styles of music, from the urban to the electronic to the ballads,” she revealed to the entertainment magazine Ocean Drive.


The singerof Secreto is in one of its sweetest moments at a professional level. In addition to being triumphant with her latest songs, she is on tour with her fiancé Anuel AA.


Original Source: CiberCuba