Karol G and Anuel AA Sensual Dancing to the Rhythm of Their Smash HIT “Secreto”


There is no doubt that the love affair between the reggaetonists Karol G and Anuel AA is going smoothly. Not only have they united dancing and singing for all urban movement lovers with their “Secreto” smash single, but they are more united and in love than ever through their social networks.

In the last video published by the Colombian on her Instagram account, the bride and groom dance to the rhythm of their song, while sharing laughs and expressions of affection.

Interestingly, this scene is also part of the video that gives life to the single “Secreto“, in addition to many others that reflect several intimate and personal moments of the couple.


Secreto has become one of their latest successes. Just a week after its premiere, the single collected more than 79 million views and already leads the top of some of the most important international playlists, such as Spotify Latin music.

Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago and Carolina Giraldo Navarro, real names of the artists, met during the recording of the Culpables clip, their first work together, and according to the artist herself, the attraction between them was instantaneous.

After several months of speculation, finally the love relationship became known to the world with an intense kiss on stage.

Since then, the Colombian and the Puerto Rican have become inseparable and have earned the position of one of the couples that most chemistry evokes both outside and inside the small screen.


Original Source: CiberCuba