J Balvin and Beyoncé Shined Together on the Coachella Stage


For the first time, the American diva Beyoncé and the Colombian J Balvin have shared the stage. The event took place during the second weekend of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which ended on Sunday.

Together they performed “Mi gente“, a song that the Colombian and the singer of “Single Ladies” released couple of months ago.

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J Balvin was invited to the stage by Beyoncé, where both showed their complicity to the sound of music. The singer of “Ambiente” has shared several images of this spectacle which attracted everybody and engaged them  on his Instagram profile.

Never stop dreaming” (ESP: “Nunca dejes de soñar”) the Colombian wrote next to their photo, showing the great admiration that the Colombian feels for the American diva.

Both have starred in one of the great moments of the entire festival to rejoice attendees.


Below is the full video of the live spectacle. Watch and Enjoy:


Original Source: CiberCuba