First it was “El Anillo” and Now Jennifer Lopez Wants “Dinero”


As we already know, Jennifer Lopez has released her new song “Dinero“, together with Cardi B and Dj Khaled. This is the third single of her new album, after ‘El Anillo’ and ‘Us’, for which  the release date is still unknown.

The singer has started a very active campaign on social media to promote the single, which will be presented at the Billboard Awards, in its American edition.

The diva of the Bronx has published this photograph by Steven Gomillion, celebrity photographer, who has worked with the artist on other occasions.

The rapper, the DJ and Jlo appear in front with a very careful styling. Lopez is wearing a miniskirt and a black and white checkered hoodie that lets us see her navel (and her strong abs). Cardi B with a yellow and black coat and a maxi belt with chains. In between, the acclaimed producer with a patterned boxer sweatshirt.

Dj Khaled, pop producer who has worked with Rihanna and Santana, has also shared the image, while in the case of rapper, having his private account, has been only a hastag.

The song will be presented on Sunday May 20 in Las Vegas during the 2018 edition of the Billboard Music Awards and the single was released last Thursday on platforms such as YouTube and Spotify.

“Dinero” is interpreted mostly in English, but includes phrases in Spanish such as “If you are not getting no pesos, what are you doing? Stack it up like legos, I want money.”

You can listen to the single down here ⬇️

Original Source: CiberCuba