ESTRENO: New Video “Suma y Resta” by El Micha and Gilberto Santa Rosa is here


The long awaited video of the song “Suma y Resta“, performed by the Puerto Rican Gilberto Santa Rosa and the Cuban El Micha, has just landed on YouTube.

Under the direction of Hazeem Velázquez, the two singers play a leading role in the video, in which several dancers who set the stage with their coordinated salsa dances also participate.

As I had anticipated, this collaboration between El Micha and the “Caballero de la salsa” aims to be one of the new but successful ones of the year, and to bring a fresh and dance-able air to current music.

Also, in addition to being one of the last songs of the Cuban singer, Suma y Resta is positioned as one of the new challenges achieved by El Micha, which has given him the opportunity to show a new facet and a musical record far from his characteristic reggaeton style.

Original Source: CiberCuba