Daddy Yankee Made the Tennis Super Star Novak Djokovic Dance with his HIT “Dura”


The irresistible Daddy Yankee’s summer hit Dura  has reached all corners of the planet and its catchy rhythm is a call to fun and dancing. The last one to become infected with the melody has been the tennis player Novak Djokovic.

The Serbian took his most Latin vein after winning last Friday against the Spanish Roberto Bautista  at Roland Garros and found no better way to celebrate the victory than dancing Dura, one of the most popular reggaeton songs.

He danced, moved his hips and even winked at the camera in the video, which he shared with his social network followers.

Of course, the clip did not go unnoticed for the Puerto Rican who shared a fragment of the video on his Instagram profile.

“El duro de los duros, Djokovic. Buena suerte en Roland Garros” (EN: “The hard guy, Djokovic, good luck at Roland Garros,”) Daddy Yankee wrote on his profile with the video of the tennis player.

There is no person who resists the rhythms of the Puerto Rican, who doesn’t need to launch any ice challenge for the world to decide to dance to the rhythm of his latest song.

And if not, look at the Venezuelan who conquered a few days ago the interpreter of Despacito with his spectacular dance of Hielo.

“Rompió el Hielo el pana” (“The ice broke the corduroy,”) wrote the dancer at the bottom of the clip.

Original Source: CiberCuba