Daddy Yankee Goes Crazy Listing to “Con Calma” Remix by Katy Perry


Con Calma is the latest successful single by Daddy Yankee that now will feature the famous voice of pop singer Katy Perry.

The Big Boss has revolutionized his fans with a sneak peak of the single remix in which you can hear the basis of success with the voice of the artist who appears at the beginning of the track with a “Hello, my name is Katy”.

This, added to the comment that she has left in the publication, “Hello” next to an icon of a little hand waving, has confirmed that both are pending to launch the remix of the song.

Some of the comments that can be read next to the post that exceeds 2.6 million views say: “Daddy Yankee will give me something, let it go”, “The best of all Daddy Yankee with the toughest Katy Perry split it.” Even, some dare to predict: “It will break record when it l”.

Con Calma is inspired by one of the greatest hits of the Canadian Snow of the 90s, Informer. A theme that now the Puerto Rican reggaeton has revived with urban rhythms and his personal stamp.

The video clip of this version was released on YouTube on January 23 and since then has reached the figure of 638 million views on the video platform. Will the collaboration with Katy Perry get over this amount?

Original Source: CiberCuba