Corona, Daddy Yankee’s new song dedicated to the pandemic: “Damn governments, they are a plague”


Puerto Rican reggaeton artist Daddy Yankee premiered on Christmas Eve his latest single, Corona, dedicated to the coronavirus pandemic. In the song the musician calls the governments of the world that allowed the spread of the disease “plague”.

The 43-year-old singer said the project started in March but decided not to take it out until now for different reasons.


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“I did not want them to think that I was taking advantage of such a difficult situation and, in the same way, at that time my physical condition was not the best because I had gained almost 50 pounds,” he confessed through his Instagram.

Hours before releasing the video, which was also recorded in March and did not see the light until now, Daddy Yankee regretted that despite the intervening months “nothing has changed.”

“I present Corona so that together we can reflect on what really matters: being alive, being healthy and being grateful for what we have,” he said.

“I understood that change comes when you decide so,” he concluded.

So far the video has more than one million 225 views and most of the reactions have been positive.

“Damn governments, they are a plague / In this biological war it is the civilian who pays / In theory without an army there is a cold war / Where at the end of the day, a power wants to lead the economy”, is one of the strongest refrains of the song, although the lyrics in their entirety are a claim for justice for those most affected by the pandemic.

At the beginning of December Daddy Yankee boasted on social media that he had lost weight. “I don’t blame them family, I even look at myself in the mirror,” he wrote on his social media.

Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez (Daddy Yankee), a native of San Juan, Puerto Rico, was born into a musical family and began his career in 1994, although world success did not reach him until 2004 with Barrio Fino, which had the participation of Wisin & Yandel, Zion & Lennox, Andy Montañez, Tommy Viera, May-Be and Glory as well as the best DJs and music producers of the reggaeton genre.

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