Chinese Dance Teacher Huo Yaofei, Teaches Cuban Salsa


Huo Yaofei, or David, as he prefers to be called, is a Chinese salsa dancer who has known for making Cuban dancers by helping them find their own flavors.

He is a dance teacher and owner of Casa David, a teaching center in Beijin where he teaches his students how to dance the casino and brings them closer to understand the popular dance culture of the island (Cuba).

His school is the only one of its kind that has achieved recognition from the Embassy of Cuba in China.

David’s passion for salsa emerged in 1999, when he was 21 at a nightclub in Beijing and saw some Latinos, including Cubans, dancing. Since then he decided to investigate and learn more about this rhythm and how to dance like a true Caribbean.

For this, he has made more than 10 trips to Cuba, where in addition to learning the movements and techniques of the Caribbean sauce, he has managed to incorporate the Cubanía of the street into his language and form an expression.

“Many people consider that it is very difficult for the Chinese to dance salsa. I achieved today’s success I think for two reasons, the talent I inherited from my father and my hard work. My father is not a professional dancer, but he has his own vision of music and dance. If salsa had appeared in China back then, I’m sure I’d be crazy about this dance, ” David said in an interview with Xinhua in Spanish.

After several years of study and learning in 2005 he saw his first fruit, as he won the Grand Prize in an international contest for salsa dancers where participants from more than 40 countries gathered.

David currently maintains a great link with the Higher Institute of Art (ISA), which has allowed him to deepen the dance rhythms of Cuba and gain experience to teach in his dance school in China. He has made several meetings in Havana with students of this center and has shown them his great talent for dancing while he has taught them casino classes.

In the year 2017, during one of his visits to Havana, he was photographed together with the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, Raúl Castro.

Likewise, David has developed a great bond with several Cuban artists and musicians. He participated in the video of the song De China a La Habana by  El Niño and La Verdad and was recently also part of the video  Esto se baila así  of the orchestra La Charanga Latina.

“I am more open and more communicative with others after salsa dancing, the same thing happens with some of my students, salsa is my job, it is also my life, I do not separate even one day from my salsa. a salsero, a casinero, “he added.

ENFOQUE-Huo Yaofei

Huo Yaofei, un chino que lleva más de 20 años dedicado a enseñar a bailar salsa. En China la salsa se está haciendo cada día más popular, por lo que siempre hemos tenido el deseo de crear un tema de salsa con elementos chinos. Huo acaba de lanzar un tema musical en Cuba, “De China a La Habana”, con la orquestra cubana El Niño y La Verdad. Escuchemos el vídeo de música en nuestro programa ENFOQUE, a ver si te gusta el ritmo. #ChinaPara ver el programa ENFOQUE en YouTube:

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