Chacal joins Paulito FG: “A preview of what we are doing con el maestro”


A new collaboration has just been revealed within Cuban music that very few expected. The protagonists? Nothing more and nothing less than the urban music singer Chacal and the salsa legend Paulito FG.

The popular artists of the island have decided to merge their particular styles and voices in a new song that will soon come to light and of which there is already evidence of how it sounds thanks to a video that The Demon of Fame uploaded on his Facebook profile.

Ramón Lavado, Chacal’s real name, excitedly shared with all his followers a video in which he appears next to the Salsa king inside a recording studio in the city of Miami (Florida), while both listen and sing the new upcoming song.

“My people, a preview of what we are doing with maestro Paulito FG. More music on the way!” Were the words of the reggaetonero added to his Facebook profile.

‼️Pronto, pronto

?Mi gente, un adelanto de lo que estamos haciendo con el maestro Paulito FG ? Más música en camino!

Gepostet von Chacalizacion Global am Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2020

Judging by the very good acceptance that this preview has had by Chacal’s fans, there is no doubt that once the single is released, the direct path to success will be assured.

Many have applauded El Demonio de la Fama for his union with the experienced salsa singer, since Paulito FG represents more than one generation and is a fundamental pillar within the history of Cuban culture.

“Congratulations Chacal, you joined one of the best in Cuba, keep it up”, “Sure, two greats of Cuban music, God bless you”, “I’m looking forward to hearing it complete”, “Two greats, a good song is going to get out of there, a success without a doubt guaranteed “,” Beautiful song, the duo is great, they are my two favorite singers and I wish them many successes and many good things “and” Ufff how strong, two great artists, rain of blessings ” are some of the reactions that the singer of Humo has caused with his news.

Paulito FG, for his part, has been living in Miami in recent months. El Suocador de la Salsa arrived at the La Ciudad del Sol airport at the beginning of last June, days after the death of his brother Lorenzo Alejandro Fernández Gallo, who was admitted to Jackson Memorial Hospital after suffering a stroke.

Original Source: CiberCuba