Anuel AA is Seen With a Young and Beautiful Singer After Breaking up with Karol G


This weekend, People En Español magazine confirmed the breakup between Anuel AA and Karol G. “They are no longer together,” said a source close to the singers, who would be focused on their respective careers after ending their relationship. However, in the midst of all this uproar that the news of their separation has caused, the Puerto Rican is being related to a young woman with whom he would have met on several occasions in recent weeks.

Many believe that the ‘baby boy’ could have a new illusion after he has been posting photos from the same places and at the same time with another young singer. Some of the most suspicious similarities that have set off alarms about a possible romance …


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The young woman is called Sofía and she is a Puerto Rican singer with a community of followers of almost 150 thousand.

She just a few weeks ago shared a photo with the famous reggaetón artist and they have been sharing it recently.

Their image, added to the fact that many of the last photos they have shared in there stories coincide in time and place, have managed to put them in the spotlight.

The same furniture with the same television, an armchair and even a floor would have given away the two young people. Some clues that have led many to believe that a relationship is emerging between them.


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At the moment neither of them has commented anything about the type of relationship they have and many followers of Karol G and Anuel AA do not lose hope that it is a friend or a new partner for some collaboration.

Karol G and Anuel AA confirmed their romance in November 2018. In recent years they were one of the favorite couples in Latin music and got engaged in February 2019.

Although urban artists would have preferred to stay out of the comments without commenting on their breakup, the truth is that in recent days Anuel AA has gone through social media and launched some hints that suggest that what the media say is true.

This same weekend he shared the following phrase: “Love hurts, friends leave, time is wasted, memories are not forgotten, promises are broken … but life goes on”. “I like this phrase but I do not believe that time is wasted. Everything in life is a teaching either for better or for worse,” he commented on it.

Original Source: CiberCuba