Anuel AA and Karol G Drive Their Fans Crazy


Karol G and Anuel AA have a legion of followers who are watching their
published photos and videos, hoping that one of them will be of the two together.

And finally his fans are satisfied because the Puerto Rican, who left prison last July, has shared a photograph of both embraced and with matching glasses and watches, with which they have dedicated a happy Christmas to their followers and In passing, they have reflected on the value of things and the importance of the family.

The snapshot, in which the two are smiling, has been a hit on Instagram, where in just twelve hours exceeds one million seven hundred thousand hearts. Awesome!

The fans of the couple have been very happy to see them together, since for many days, many had assured that the love between the Colombian and the Puerto Rican would have ended and the image confirms how much they are in love with each other and that their relationship far from going out.

In addition, another of the details that has not gone unnoticed by anyone is the tattoo on the hand of Carolina in which it is written in ink: Emmanuel, the name of the reggaeton artist.

This photograph has been shared by the interpreter of Amanece after showing the first preview of his next song with Karol G, the singer of the song Mi Cama, which will be called Secreto.

In the video you can see perfectly how Anuel AA has his own tattoo to match Karol G’s, in which he puts the real name of the artist: Carolina.

Karol G and Anuel AA besides being one of the couples of the moment, they are one of the most requested duos on the reggaeton scene and all thanks to Culpables.

But to listen to them again in another song, their fans will not wait too long, since next January 15 Secreto will see the light.

Original Source: CiberCuba