When words leave off
music begins.


His love a passion for the Latin culture and the Latin sound led him on this path to become one of the well know Latin DJ’s in the Balkan Region. He started as a Dancer in a big dance school called “Ritmos Del Mundo” in Belgrade Serbia. After couple of years (2 years to be exact) of training hard, working on him self, going to big festivals all over Europe, he became a dance instructor in the same school, which was considered a rare thing, but he was talented. Listening to Latin music all day long, he became curios and began to listen to different music styles that come from Latin America. Began to study the music, to find the differences between styles, to try to mix them and try create a great dance experience for others. People had a chance to have this experience for the first time in a small bar in Belgrade called “marcedes bar”. His dance school organized there dance parties for its dancers, but they needed someone who will DJ, DJ Muki volunteered and they gave him a chance.

They did not regret it. Every party was different and the dancers where having a blast!! Since then DJ Muki never stopped mixing. He lives in Belgrade but born in Kuwait. He is a resident DJ in a club called “Tuluz lotrek”, but also DJ’s in other big clubs like “Latino Barrio”, “imago Belgrade”, “teater”, “mixer house” and more as a guest dj. When it comes to salsa festivals, he DJ-ed at local and international festivals like “salsa motion weekend”, “Macedonia salsa festival”, “Hola Ohrid 1 & 2”, “Cubamonte” and “I am Cuban all star”. He has a growing YouTube channel and SoundCloud profile, where everybody can find the best Cuban and Latin music to listen to when ever and where ever. He is unique, he is different and he will make sure that everyone have the best time at his parties and go home satisfied and happy.